Day 18: London (29 Mar) #2

By the time I got back to Paddington, it was already past 3pm and I was getting desperate for some food. I did pass by Angus Steakhouse too many times already, with it being right across the entrance to Paddington. Even by the looks of it, you knew that it’s going to be pricey, not something that I’ll usually go for. But for today, I gave in to temptation and headed in.

I originally planned to have a steak, but one glance at the menu pretty much killed that line of thought as I checked the price tag. Bear in mind that from what little information that I came across, this wasn’t a restaurant that was particularly known for getting the most bang for your buck. I settled for fish & chips, still water and a wee bit of garlic bread.

I would say that the main was fair, not quite living up to my expectations for the price tag, but nevertheless better than yesterday’s debacle. I don’t quite know how to rate the bread, but the onion rings were absolutely terrible. The waiter seemed indifferent and vanishes rather frequently, even though the restaurant was empty besides me. TL:DR, if you’ve got a bit of money to spare, sure go ahead. It isn’t horrible nor outstanding. But you should probably go for their specialty, which will be the steaks. Be wary of the pricing, including the charges and fees.


I must confess, I have not seen garlic bread shaped like this, ever.

After the late and rather disappointing lunch, I headed back to my hotel for a bit of needed rest. And on a second note, I had my room moved earlier this morning from the dreadful underground room to, ironically, the room directly above mine where I heard all the footsteps coming from all night long. I sure hope that they didn’t put a new guest in my old room, or I’ll probably have someone cussing at me non-stop.

At around 8pm, I headed out for a bit of shopping at Westfield. From Paddington, this means a 5 stop ride on the Hammersmith & City line to Wood Lane. The station was quite modern, but by all means looked to be underused. It might be due to the late hour though, I can’t be certain. Also, the tube drops you off at a distance from the mall itself, so you’ll have to walk a bit and cut through the bus stop to get there, or that’s what I did.



One curiosity that I happened to come by was an unoccupied Met police car parked near the bus stops. Sure, it’s not the first time I’ve seen a Met car, plenty of them zoom by every other day with lights and sirens going, or parked at Paddington with the officers in it adamantly not making eye contact with anyone, but this is the first unoccupied car that I’ve seen up close. I can’t remember the make and model off the top of my head, but I really dig the UK police’ battenburg scheme and I used these models while playing LSPDFR. So it was something really cool for me on a personal level, even though a tourist gawking over a police car would almost certainly had seemed odd.

“Hello sir, we see that you’ve taken a liking to our patrol vehicle. Would you care for a ride in the back of our cruiser here?”

Westfield actually felt more like the malls back home, with the endless rows of glass facades. One thing that you’ll notice right off the bat was the brands and stores in it. A lot of those are certainly not what you’ll expect to see in any other mall back here in Malaysia, even though we do have M&S and the like.


Bentley in a mall! Sure don’t see that often.

A walk-through of the mall took me around 2 hours, with a little time spent browsing through some of the stores that piqued my interest. Alas, I came back empty handed at 10pm. The H&C train heading back was almost entirely empty as well. Not something I’ve experienced this far for sure. It’s nice to have gone through the rush hour armpit-to-armpit mess and this as well, I’ve got both ends of the spectrum covered!

Passed by Angus Steakhouse on my way back, again.

Off to a good night’s sleep (I hope), and tomorrow will be my last day in the UK and the second last day of Deinceps Ut Europa!


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