Day 16: Paris (27 Mar) #3

A/N: This is going to be a short one, kind of an extension of the last post, but I’ll make it up to ya’ll in the next few posts.

Val d’Europe is a bit of a walk from the RER station though, about a kilometer or so and I got there pretty late in the evening. It was barely an hour before they close at 7pm, but I did manage to do a quick walk through of it and the La Vallée Village. Plenty of designer brands and the like there. The one Bose store that I walked into though sent me reeling at the price tag. It was way out of my league, I can tell you that.

I rode the RER A back to Châtelet-les-Halles, changing there to Châtelet and back to Saint-Placide through Line 4. I debated for a while whether to have dinner at one of the cafes surrounding Saint-Placide, but ultimately decided against it. They must be pretty good though, every time I passed by them, especially at night, the place was packed to the max.

And this time, I finally managed to get to the Franprix opposite of my Airbnb before it closed and got some food to cook for dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast as well. After all, one of the major perks of staying in an Airbnb unit is the ability to cook food, which you can’t do in a hotel room.


While in Franprix, I checked out the alcohol section, mostly for interest as you know, they do say wine is sometimes cheaper than water in France. One bottle of red that managed to catch my eye was the “Cellier des Dauphins Cotes du Rhone Prestige, Rhone” priced at €1.75. I was like, hey, that’s even cheaper than some of the still water I bought while I was out and about! So I did a quick search on the Internet, and it scored pretty well, though I have absolutely no idea nor experience in wine tasting. But for €1.75, who cares?




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And there I was by the window of my unit, enjoying the lights for my last night in Paris with a glass of red in my hand.


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