Day 11: Lucerne/Zurich (22 Mar) #4

So, a quick recap of my route up Rigi:

Majestic Round Trip (as per, because if you have a master ticket to transport, y not go Majestic)

Lucerne-Vitznau (Boat, 1 hour)

Vitznau-Rigi Kulm (Cogwheel Rail, 1 hour)

Rigi Kulm-Arth-Goldau (Cogwheel Rail, 50 minutes)

Arth-Goldau-Zurich (Train, 40 minutes, varies)

I’m riding the blue train down, as the red one that I came up in returns to Vitznau. Again, I pretty much had to holler to the conductor to hold the train for me as they were about to get going

The Arth-Goldau route was very different from the Vitznau one: The steep, dangerous looking overhangs were replaced by rolling slopes. I’m not sure if any of them are actual ski slopes in the winter, but they look pretty cool to be skiing on (provided you don’t smack head first into a pine tree).

Still on the higher slopes at this point.
This looks sorta like a ski slope, I presume?

There are much more stations on the way down to Arth-Goldau than coming up from Vitznau. Still, it’s nice to have a change of scenery. However, a large majority of the group I came up with ended up taking the Vitznau train. Not sure if they had a better route or something.

One of the stations on the way down. You can see the altitude markings on the top left corner of the sign.


I reached the Arth-Goldau station around 2pm. Apparently, the Rigi Bahnen station and the SBB station are separate, contrary to what I thought. There’s a bit of a walk through the town streets before you get to the SBB station.

The Rigi Bahnen depot.
You’ll have signs leading you to the SBB station.

It turns out that I got to the station just before a Trenitalia Eurocity train on its way to Zurich HB was scheduled to arrive. Good for me, as if I had to take the S2 or InterCity train, it would’ve been a tad bit slower.


The trip was relatively uneventful, other than the fact that there were Swiss Army soldiers redeploying with their gear on the train, sitting in the row in front of me. I didn’t recognize the rolling stock that Trenitalia used for this route, but I think it was one of those tilting trains.

When the train reached Zurich, there was this little girl that was on her way off the train with her mother. She was pulling faces at everyone that she passed, and I guess I was the first one to pull one back at her. She smiled and just kept sticking her tongue out and we got into a ‘pull face war’ of sorts. Lovely girl.

There isn’t much to write about in Zurich. I just wandered from the station and ended up going into GLOBUS at one point, finding nothing fitting my interest in there. The shocker came when I was about to return to Lucerne.


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