Day 11: Lucerne/Zurich (22 Mar) #2


We cast off at a few moments after 10 am. The whole boat ride from Lucerne to Vitznau is scheduled to take around a hour. So in the meantime, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Every ship has a giant Swiss flag on its stern.

An attendant came around to check tickets shortly after departure. It was all done very professionally with the fellow being very pleasant and jovial throughout the process. There’s also food and drink available onboard, at a price, of course.

View out over the lake.
g for gastronomie. The menu was written in German though.
This whole setup is behind a bar counter, so don’t go getting ideas that it’s self service for free.

After a couple or more stops along the way, the ship finally docked at Vitznau, just in time for the cogwheel railway going up the hill!

The Vitznau dock. To the left of the picture will be the train shed for the cogwheel railway, while to the right is the souvenir/ticket shop.
The train was already set and ready to depart by the time I arrived, so I pretty much hopped on without checking out the souvenir shop.

As with all other modes of transport in Switzerland, just flash your Swiss Travel Pass and the inspectors will let you pass.

A welcome gift of some Swiss chocolate from the staff to nibble on while going up the mountain.
That’s an interesting looking electric bell.

I was among the last to board the train. A few moments later, the doors were shut and off we go into the misty mountains!

The rear control panels, unmanned (since we’re going up). I didn’t dare to go anywhere near it lest I dislodge some lever and send the train careening down the mountainside.


People actually live here, and it looks like something out of a fairytale. Getting to a hospital must be a bother though.
The interior of the train coach. While going up, the whole coach is tilted, unlike the funicular railway on Bukit Bendera which coach is already tilted by design.
Snow! You had no idea how hyped I was then.

Once the train climbed past 1000m, snow started falling bit by bit. I was absolutely hyped; I hadn’t seen snow in ages, not since my last trip to China which is almost a decade ago or more. Its like magic drifting down straight from the heavens.

A sea of clouds. What a picturesque scene.

We stopped at quite a few stations on the way up, though I didn’t get off at any of them yet. What will I find at the top of Rigi Kulm?


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