Day 11: Lucerne/Zurich (22 Mar) #1

The Luzern Bahnhof arch.

Breakfast was a simple affair, 12CHF for a tiny breakfast buffet in ibis Budget Luzern City. Bread, eggs, very limited cold cuts with the usual drinks. Not good or worth it by any stretch, but I did meet a fellow Malaysian couple from Melaka during the lift ride down to breakfast. What a coincidence, eh?

I took the No.4 bus back to Lucerne main station, and it was a short walk across to the Bahnhofquai where I’m set to take a boat from Lucerne to Vitznau. I was there by half past nine, but the boat is only set to leave at ten, so I have some time to walk around the area.

One of the articulated buses operating in Lucerne. This Citaro G (I think?) doesn’t run on overhead electrification while the 3-segment bus in the background has pantographs sticking out of its top.
Misty and cold, weather isn’t the best today.

One of Lucerne’s main icons, the Chapel Bridge is only a short walk up the river. Needless to say, that’s where I went.

The Chapel Bridge,
There are swans and ducks on the lake, and as you can see, the water is pretty clear.

I’m pretty short on time by the time I left Chapel Bridge, so I started going back the way I came, passing several interesting building, including the Lucerne post office which I admit that it has to be the most decorated post office that I’ve ever seen.

The Lucerne post office. Pretty impressive building.
Oh boy, that’s a lot of signs on one post.

By the time I got back to the Bahnhofquai, the boat was just pulling into the dock. Majestic ship, they must have been maintained very carefully and lovingly to still be in such good operating conditions after this long.

Here comes my ride to Vitznau!

The crew was all smiles when passengers started boarding, and it really gives a homey feeling to the boat. The interior was also much more different than what I expected: clean, well lit, spacious and not at all musty. Second class passengers ride on the main deck, while first class passengers have the upper deck. There are outdoor seating on both decks, although on this particular day the boat is only about half-full, and all of the people out on the deck are there for the photo-op.

10 am sharp, and I’m already onboard.

Next stop, Vitznau!


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