Day 9: Berlin (20 Mar) #3

I walked back through the Brandenburg Gate, turned right and passed the UK Embassy and made another right before arriving at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. In retrospect, I should’ve kept going down the main road by the Brandenburg Gate. That would’ve taken me directly to the memorial itself.


A lot of the shops on the side of the memorial have already closed down, and only a couple souvenir shops and a cafe remain.

This Trabi was part of an exhibit at one of the souvenir shops
The former site of the Fuhrer Bunker, now turned into a parking lot.

Also close to the Memorial is the Fuhrer Bunker. It was also on my list, but I would definitely have missed it if there wasn’t a sign there that you can see on the left of the photo above. There isn’t any trace left of it though, just a plot of land turned into a carpark.

Further down the road, I decided to pop into a cafe called Kaffeestübchen for lunch.

That’s the little cafe at the corner.

There’s a lunch special going on when I visited: It’s either a white (see pictures) or fried meatballs coupled with a choice of either coffee or dessert for 6 Euros I think? I chose the white gravy meatball with dessert and a glass of Sprite. And also, the staff was pretty friendly and outgoing, even though only one of them spoke English.

Food is good, and the price is surprisingly cheap for such a nice-looking cafe. I would’ve expected the bill to rack up to at least 10 Euros or so, but nope.

Cozy interior.
The resident pooch came up to me, not sure for a pet or some food.

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