Day 9: Berlin (20 Mar) #2

The sign is pretty much self-explanatory. 🙂

Continuing from the last post, I took the S1 train from Nordbahnhof to Brandenburger Tor, which name pretty much gave away where my next stop would be.

The Brandenburg Gate.

The metro exit takes you to right in front of the Brandenburg Gate, which is one of Berlin’s prominent landmarks. There’s the American embassy to the left, and quite a number of other embassies in close proximity as well. You can also find a souvenir shop there, as well as numerous other ‘unofficial’ booths.

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Walking through the Brandenburg Gate and turning right, the Reichstag building looms into view. It is a very significant historical building, with key events in history such as the Reichstag fire occurring there. It was, and currently is the home to the Parliament of Germany.

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Security is tight here, with checkpoints being set up outside the building and the access to the building itself fenced off. After a bit of digging, I found out that a visitor has to register at the visitor center on the other side of the road, present their passport/identification documents for verification and a personalized letter would be issued as some sort of ‘permit’ to visit the Reichstag. There are time slots assigned to each visitor/group, and unfortunately on today, the earliest available slot was at 5pm and I had no intention on doubling back here. But hey, the entire process is free, so I got a personal letter from the Reichstag!

I popped into a souvenir shop beside the visitor center, got a couple of knick knacks and turned back, this time going through the Tiergarten, though I passed through only a very small part of it. There’s also a memorial pool dedicated to “The Sinti and Roma of Europe Murdered Under National Socialism.”

‘no tears’
That’s an interesting tricycle.
The American Embassy at Brandenburg Gate.

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