Day 8: Berlin- Food Highlight

In my previous post, I did mention that I was heading out to El Pepe for dinner that night. If you were to ask Google Maps, it’ll tell you to take the long way round: out to Koloniestrabe (to the left side of the map below). all the way down Osloer Strabe and turn left onto Prinzenallee.

Contrary to that, the receptionist directed me to go through a footpath and a small street at the back of the hotel (theoretically its front, since the front door is facing that way). However, I would not advise taking this route like I did in a dark, rainy night. Illumination is poor, and there isn’t anyone around that path until you reach Prinznallee. There was also some construction going on in the segment of Stockholmer Strabe.

The way that I took to El Pepe. I missed it on the other side of the road on the first time round.

Initially I thought that El Pepe would be on the side of Prinzenallee that I exited on, and I strolled all way down to the intersection with Osloer Strabe without seeing anything except for a Turkish restaurant. Baffled, I crossed to the other side and voila, there it was. It wasn’t easy finding it however, the sign was positively tiny.

It wasn’t a very large or fancy place. Now here comes the problem: I spoke no German nor Spanish and the waitress spoke very limited English as well. So with some difficulty, I placed an order without really knowing what was on the menu, only to be told by the skeptical looking senorita that it wouldn’t be enough. It turns out that the food they serve comes in very small portions, excellent for a tasting palette, however.

Some kind of nuts they served before anything else.

The menu at El Pepe.

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This was my first time tasting Spanish food, and I must say that I’m quite taken with some of the dishes. Others, not so much, like the giant green chili/pepper. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, there’s literally no spiciness in it. I can’t really rate any of the food as I don’t have a yardstick to compare it to, but its fine, however odd it is to eat Spanish in Berlin as a tourist.

A giant mug of Schneider beer and a bottle of water in the background. The beer was truly huge though.

Going back was through the same route that I came from, only that it was even darker and still raining. Do I need to point out again to not take that route at night?


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