Day 8: Amsterdam/Berlin (19 Mar) #3

I stopped at Alexanderplatz to have my lunch, since I reckoned that it was a much livelier area and I had a better chance of finding food. I was itching to see what they had for their Burger King, but eventually settled for some Indian/Asian (can’t quite remember). But hey, the curry rice was good, and they were very generous with the curry portions as well. That’s exactly what you need on a cold day like this. Good, hot food.

Alexanderplatz S-Bahn station.

A/N: I spotted the TV Tower from Alexanderplatz, and since I wasn’t planning on going up, I settled for the view from the station.

From there, I took the U8 to U Osloer Strabe, then walked the remaining 600+m to my hotel in Berlin: the Hotel Big Mama. Don’t get put off by its eccentric name though! It scores very highly on TripAdvisor and the rates wasn’t bad either. The lad manning the reception spoke perfect English, and asked me how my trip went, aside from the dreadful weather. LOL.

Check-in was quick and painless, he did inform me that there’s a breakfast buffet available every morning for 10 Euros, which piqued my interest. That’s not a bad rate, and it saves me the trouble of having to walk somewhere to look for food.

The room was big. Like BIG big, though not over the board. I had a 2-bed room all to myself, and it was plenty roomy enough, clean and looked fairly modern. I think the whole building used to be an apartment complex like the surrounding area before they converted it into a hotel.

My room at Hotel Big Mama. 2 beds all to myself!

I decided to laze around for the remainder of the day. The cold took a lot out of me. Later in the evening, I went down to the reception to ask if there’s any place to have dinner around that area. Apparently it was quite a common question as the guy whipped out a map and pointed out some different restaurants in the area, though he highly recommended a Spanish restaurant named El Pepe. El Pepe it is then.



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