Day 7: Amsterdam (18 Mar) #2

After walking for 2-3 hours through the hamlet, I popped into a cafe for a quick warm up meal. Bear in mind, this is a tourist hotspot and the prices are hugely inflated. The bottle of Heineken itself was almost 3 times the retail price outside. Still, I had a bowl of vegetable soup, which came with a piece of bread, and a plain pancake.



Fed and watered, it is time for to head back to the city. Same deal, take bus 391 back for about 40 minutes and you’ll arrive in Centraal. From there, I took a tram out to Bloemenmarkt, more commonly known as the Flower Market.

The market is built on floating barges.



I have to say, besides flowers, I would think the second largest group of products in the Bloemenmarkt would be weed/cannabis! There’s literally all kinds of cannabis products as you’ll see below:

Weed pops on the counter, perfect for the kids.
Cannabis starter kits, good for those who are green at gardening.
It makes a nice decorative can, if you can slip it past customs.

Heck, I even spotted cannabis condoms in one of the shops! What exactly that does, I don’t want to know.

Cheese shop! And yes, those are not real cheese wheels outside.

At one of the Bloemenmarkt is an Albert Heijn store. It’s a Dutch supermarket chain. Needless to say, I popped in to get some food and drink for later on. After that, it was time to find dinner. I had my interest piqued by a Chinese restaurant that I saw. I thought: Hey, maybe I should try what’s offered as Chinese food in Europe. It was the Shanghai Noodles at Rokin, and I’m pleasantly surprised that the proprietor and staff are all Chinese as well. I did order a beef noodle soup for 9.5 Euros. Don’t do the conversion or you’ll end up murdering yourself. But all in, the soup did taste like home.

Amsterdam Centraal at nightfall.

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