Day 7: Amsterdam (18 Mar) #1

It’s officially one week into my trip by now, and I’m in the third of seven cities that I’m scheduled to stop in. Perhaps I should have named my trip “A Tale of Seven Cities?”

It was a cold and windy morning with grey skies and a light drizzle, and I wasn’t in quite a hurry to get out exploring. I settled for the hotel breakfast buffet, which cost 16 Euros. Not exactly cheap, I know, but wasn’t much options save for the McDonald’s across the street. That being said, if you’re an able eater, you can make full use of the 16 Euros.

The variety of food offered at the buffet is simply mind boggling. You have a whole counter dedicated to fruits and yogurt, another to meats and cheeses, and another to pastries, and another… and another… Though, I might have been too eager with the scrambled eggs at my first go.

A sample of the breakfast spread. I did eat much more than this though, don’t worry.

As with yesterday, I took a train from Schiphol to Centraal, then wandered around the station looking for a bus ticket counter. My Lycamobile was working again at this point, so I have a decent idea of where I needed to go. I ended buying a Connexxion day ticket for Zaanstreek for 10 Euros, which was recommended by the counter staff, though I had a feeling that I had been conned.

An iconic yellow-blue NS train at Centraal.
My Connexxion Day Ticket with my Amsterdam Travel Ticket.

It’s a 40 minute ride on bus 391 (Connexxion, not GVB) through the city and suburbs to get to Zaanse Schans. Unfortunately, the weather was not my friend that day, it was drizzling since early morning. Nevertheless, I decided to weather it in my fleece jacket after discovering my bottle in my day pack had a flawed cap and leaked water all over my Weathertite jacket, inside out.



The only thing spoiling this scene is probably the two industrial chimneys peeking from the background.

I felt absolutely miserable at that point, it was 2 degrees Celsius and the rain and coldness was creeping up on me. The lifesaver was the iron powder hand warmers that I kept in my jacket pockets. They kept my fingers from freezing. I didn’t buy any tickets at the Zaanse Schans though, just strolled through everything. It would’ve been a nice place in late spring, without the rain, overcast sky and chill. I’ll leave the rest of the explaining to the photos.

This duck waddled over to me, probably looking for food.


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