Day 5: Brussels (16 Mar) #2

Next station: Grand Place. It is supposed to be spectacular at night, but I got there at 4 in the evening. Lively place with some really interesting architecture. I think there was some sort of football match going on because some of the cafes were packed with two groups of supporters. Chants were echoing down some of the side streets.




As with Galeries, there’s a heavy security presence, this time police instead of the army.


What an interesting door for a bank.

Strolling down the streets, I finally came upon my main objective in Brussels: Manneken Pis!

The statue is positively tiny.

There’s a ton of people surrounding the fountain, taking selfies and what not. I’m not sure what’s the hype surrounding this tiny statue, but I digress.

A random street sign.

Manneken Pis was my final stop for the day’s schedule. After checking out the chocolate stores around the area, and having my wallet vehemently disagreeing to any purchases, I returned to my accommodations.


Another sunset in Brussels.
The ‘stink alley’ mentioned earlier in my post. To think Brussels is the center of bureaucracy for the EU and have human waste lying open in the street… Sigh.

Dinner was settled with the remainder of the food that I got from Lidl, including another can of soup. Those sure come in handy.

This is my room at Brussels. Don’t mind the Mac in the corner, it isn’t mine and I dare not touch it.



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