Day 4: London/Brussels (15 Mar) #2

The British Museum’s exterior.
The British Museum is absolutely amazing. It is a treasure trove of knowledge, and you simply couldn’t see all of it in one go, not even if you dedicate a full day to it.

As per usual, I don’t take photos in museum. But everytime I passed by a sarcophagus or a mummy, I couldn’t help but think: “Poor dude couldn’t even rest in peace, got his body and coffin ‘re-accommodated’ and put on display.”

If you put it in more negative terms, it is astonishing to see the amount of artifacts that the British have ‘saved’ from other civilizations.

This is what lunch at the British Museum looks like. (Not the map)
I stayed till around 1 p.m., had ‘lunch’ at one of the cafes in the Atrium before heading back to St. Pancras. I couldn’t quite remember the price of the meal deal they offered. Was it £4.50?

I was thinking about buying a book on Egyptian hieroglyphs and a pack of rune stones, but decided against it at the last minute. There’s one whole section of the gift store dedicated to items based on the Rosetta Stone! You have pens, paperweights, literally everything that is covered in script from the Stone.

Little figurines at the souvenir shop.
This mosaic sign shows just how old the Russell Square station is.
When I got to Kings Cross St Pancras, my Oyster balance is dangerously low and I was worried that by the time I came back from France, I might not find a top up terminal. So as a precaution, I just loaded another £15 into my Oyster.

The Eurostar section at St. Pancras. No hassle, just scan your barcode and go, or so I thought.
I have a print-at-home ticket for my Eurostar train to Brussels, so it’s pretty smooth. Just pick up my bags from Excess Baggage, make my way to the Eurostar section, scan my ticket and pass through security.

Security was the one that held me up the most. The checks were surprisingly stringent, almost more so than the airports, and the gruff demeanor of the staff didn’t help things at all. I felt like a prisoner rather than a passenger going through the checks. After that was passport control from the UK into the EU, then it was just a waiting game.

The waiting area, with escalators leading up to the platforms.
Boarding, not the best picture though.
The Standard class seats opposite of me. This is on one of the older Eurostar trains.

  • Travel Class: Standard class
  • Service: Eurostar 9140
  • Rolling Stock: BR Class 373/ Eurostar e300
  • Seat Type: Table Seat
  • Seat: Coach 17, Seat 48.

The train departed on time, as expected of Eurostar. While the train was not travelling in tunnels, it was zipping across the rails at such speed that made taking pictures with my phone impossible, so there aren’t any.

Next stop: Brussels!


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