Day 3: London (14 Mar) #4

Aha! Another one of London’s major tourist attractions: Buckingham Palace!

The Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.

Once we arrived there, two Met officers on horseback were yelling: “Off the pavement and onto the sidewalk please!” Several other officers were inside the Palace fence coordinating something.


Coldstream Guards, I think? I might be wrong though.
The horseback officers that I was talking about.

To my surprise there were troops marching in, then marching out of the Palace a short time later, however they weren’t the usual guards with bearskin hats. Those looked like Nepali soldiers. A short time later more Nepali soldiers emerged, escorting quite a number of ladies in traditional dress. Not sure what was about.



After the soldiers dispersed, I went down the edge of St James Park on my way to the Churchill War Rooms. Turns out, the soldiers were also nearby.




The Churchill War Rooms are a personal interest of mine. Entry was covered in the London Pass too, so no biggie there.


Queue was not too bad, I suppose.

The bunker portions were surprisingly sparse and small for a bunker of such importance. In fact, I feel that there’s more exhibits of Churchill’s life other than those of the bunker itself.

We’re on the map!
The old door to No.10 Downing


I pretty much stayed till the CWR closing time of 6pm, then went back via the Westminster tube station. I’m not going to post a highlight for this day, so I’ll condense it here.

I stopped in at Canary Wharf to find dinner, but one step into that place and I knew it was likely to be out of my budget. Still, I explored a little of the tube station level.


So about dinner, well I decided to drop in on ASDA and took their offered meal deal at £4.50 per set, with chips and drinks.


As I was quite famished, I got two sets of the meal deal, anyway I could reheat the leftovers in the oven at my place for tomorrow’s breakfast.

All the food was freshly prepared and hot. I got a something-with-bacon and another cheezy-something. Fair enough food, though not the best tasting.

Anyway while I was leaving, I happened to spot this sign while walking back home.

Technology or sorcery?

What’s this sorcery?


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