Day 3: London (14 Mar) #3

After Westminster, I headed down to Kensington Palace, via the Circle line from St James Park to Gloucester Road.

St James Park. I’ll always remember this place from that damnable game called Monopoly.
And what it looks like beneath the surface.

In hindsight, I should’ve gone down one more station to High Street Kensington. But you know what they say. I got quite a lot of exercise and a good look down Gloucester Road.


I’m not sure the park I passed through from Gloucester Road was Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens, but it was beautiful.

There’s a whole flock of pigeons, ducks and swans down near the round pond.

Ducks! And pigeons… again.
The swans aren’t too happy if you get close to them without food.

I actually overshot Kensington Palace first time round while I was walking north past the round pond, and had to double back near the Orangery to the Sunken Garden. simply magnificent.

Guess who? Sunken Gardens on the right.






After Kensington, my next stop was Buckingham Palace, via the No.10 bus. That’s my first time riding a red double-deck bus! One thing to remember on London buses is that you only touch your Oyster in, but not out.

A random bus stop. All of them look alike though, save for the totem.
The Household Cavalry!

On the way down there, the buses happened to pass by the barracks for the Household Cavalry. Interesting nugget.

I got off near Hyde Park corner, and walked the remaining distance to Buckingham Palace. The route passes by a number of war memorials, including the WW1 artillery memorial and the Wellington Arch.

The Wellington Arch, to be honest all the arches looked similar to me.
The artillery memorial.
On the path to Buckingham Palace. There was a helicopter leaving nearby when I took this shot though. Was it the Queen?

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