Day 3: London (14 Mar) #2

OK… I admit that the previous post wasn’t much of a cliffhanger at all.

Anyway, a little birdie told me that there is a McDonald’s just beside me before crossing the bridge. And since I didn’t really had much of a breakfast earlier, so in I went.

The golden rule of having fast food, in this case McDonald’s, when you are overseas is to try something that’s on the local menu but not at home. Obviously pork isn’t going anywhere near Malaysian McDonalds after last year’s cake fiasco.

British Pork. Clearly written on the side.
And… Unboxed.

Breakfast wrap with pork bacon, and a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds lovely on a chilly day like this.

How interesting, they’ve integrated the regular customer’s rewards into the cup itself. One of the things that I’m looking out for in Europe are little innovations like this.

The loyalty card is integrated into the cup itself. Don’t be scared though, tearing off the card doesn’t open a hole in your cup.


They use stickers, also integrated on the card instead of using rubber stamps like we do over here.

Fed and watered, I began working my way across Westminster Bridge. At certain angles and positions, I could recognise the same scene as some of the widely published photos of the Parliament and Big Ben. The photographers probably took those from the bridge or the opposite bank.

Up close and personal.
The London Eye actually looked better from the opposite bank than from underneath it. Please excuse the finger on the right.
A TfL River totem. Good thing they placed the important markers so high up that they weren’t covered by the stickers.


The streets are full of gawking tourists and the souvenir vendors trying to entice them into spending money on little trinkets.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted my country’s flag among some others in front of the Palace of Westminster. Commonwealth nations, I think.


Anyway, there wasn’t much to see regarding the Palace and Big Ben other than the exterior. Access to the Palace was restricted with armed Met police officers on guard, probably from the DPG? I’m a fan of British police vehicles, hehe.

Moving on, I’d assume that the area around Westminster is filled with government buildings, save for Westminster Abbey. Just as I was about to cross over to the Abbey, a LAS ambulance came down the road with its distinctive yellow-green battenburg markings, lights and sirens going full force.

You can see the LAS ambulance coming from the right side, that big yellow monstrosity.
St. Margaret’s Church, adjacent to Westminster Abbey. Again, excuse the finger please.


There are some metal plaques with landscape and map relief detailing the area around Parliament Square.



Westminster Abbey’s architecture is breathtaking , save for the huuuuge line of people lining up to go in. And also, entry is covered by the London Pass.

See that line on the bottom? It goes all the way to the right and beyond the picture.
A New Routemaster zooming by. This is one of the vehicles I use in Cities Skylines.

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