Day 3: London (14 Mar) #1

So I woke up a little late today, and to avoid the previous day’s rush hour fiasco, I only went out at around half past nine.

A tube train roaring by at Canary Wharf

Today’s journey would take me to the London Eye, via the Mudchute-Canary Wharf DLR and the Jubilee line from Canary Wharf to Waterloo.

Cherry blossoms again?

It’s still a bit of a walk from the tube station along the bank of the Thames to get to the London Eye. There’s quite a bit to see along the way as well.

The London Eye from a distance.
National Theater.
An ornate lamppost. Seems to be the norm here.

It was an overcast day, but not too terribly cold. And before I even got close to the London Eye, the iconic Big Ben and Houses of Parliament loom into view on the opposite bank of the river.

Ha! The Big Ben isn’t so big after all!

I have to say though. The London Eye didn’t really look all that impressive up close. In fact it smells more like a tourist trap with its outrageous ticket prices. Heh.

Some Minecraft-ish tile? Or is it alien shooter?

A few feet down the riverside path and you’ll come upon the entrances for Shrek’s, London Dungeon and Sea Life Aquarium. Don’t mind me, I’ll just keep walking. My main goal is further down.


And voila! Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster!




And even closer…


Cliffhanger! Ha!


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