Rant- Xperia M5

As promised in the earlier blog posts, here is an entire post dedicated to a rant regarding the many flaws of my Xperia M5.

Let me get this straight: I’ve always been an ardent supporter of Sony since I got my first Xperia. A quick run down of the phones I’ve used will be a Samsung potato phone, a second-hand Nokia XpressMusic 5800, my first Xperia (can’t recall the model right now), a follow up Xperia E4 and right now, an Xperia M5.

I had excellent xperiences (pardon the pun, please) with my previous Xperias, both of them having to be replaced due to battery issues after being used for quite some time. Hence, I insisted to myself that I would get another Xperia to replace them. So I went around the shops, and tada! The two Xperias that caught my eye were a new M5 and a second-hand Z3.

The choice was pretty simple. The Z3 is already second-hand, and when I tested it, the rear panel got quite hot from the battery. So there’s the battery reliability issue associated with my two previous Xperias. And the M5 looked really good on paper. Excellent specifications for a mid-range price. Why not then?

Ha, the specifications turned out to be mostly on paper only. Granted, it had a very beast camera suite compared to my previous smartphones, and that is one of the major points that I’m looking for. However, pretty much everything else is potato for the price I’ve paid for. Maybe it’s just me getting a lemon unit, but…

  • The M5 is not a common phone, and thus accessories for it are hard to find. As a consequence, the glass back of the phone got scratched before I could find a protective cover for it.
  • The glass back panel became very hot after prolonged use. Not sure if it is a battery issue (no shell deformation visible) or poor ventilation, but it made holding it or even putting the phone in my pockets very uncomfortable.
  • The unit I got had a pretty old model of Android, so I had to factory reset the phone and let it run through the updates overnight. However, Android 6.0 itself is a massive PITA on this phone.
  • Mobile signal strength became progressively weaker after the Android update. If you put my parents’ Samsungs and my M5 side-by-side, you’ll see that the Samsungs always have better reception. And for the record, we are all on the same telco provider.
  • With weak mobile signal goes the data connection. It got to the point where I’ll not see LTE for days, alternating between H and H+, sometimes down to E.
  • Even when the signal is weak, it’s jumpy. Standing in the same spot, not moving at all, I can get 4 bars, H+ to turn to no signal at the next instant. No, it is not a SIM issue. I’ve even gotten a new SIM from my telco provider in an attempt to fix the issue, but it didn’t work.
  • Random crashes started appearing after a while, mostly associated with System UI and other phone functions. Not apps.
  • During my time in Europe, the phone started to mysteriously shut off by itself, and wouldn’t turn on unless plugged to a power source. And when I did plug it in, TADA! 98% full charge.

It got to a point where I got supremely fed up with it and sent it for warranty repairs at a Sony Center. And even so, it just had to give me a last kick in the face.

When I tried to deactivate my password lock on the phone, the Settings function will always freeze, crash and reboot, making me unable to reset my password. Wot.

Mind you, all of this happened within a year of getting the phone. I shudder to think what would it pull in 2 years time. Explode like a Note 7?


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