Day 2: London -Local Highlight

There’s an ASDA supermarket near my place, and I decided to drop in to see what they have on the shelves.

The ASDA is just one DLR stop away from my Airbnb. So coming from Heron Quays, I simply got off one station earlier.

You saw that right, the egg is stuffed into a hole in the ham.

There are a lot of self-checkout lanes, more than manned counters in fact, come to think of it now.

Their strawberries are HUGE!

One side of the store is for clothing, and the remainder of it for groceries. I was running all over the place looking for the eggs. They’re £1 for a pack of 6, and it’s cheaper if you buy more. Surprisingly, their rice wasn’t that expensive at all: £2 for a 5kg pack.


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