Day 2: London (13 Mar) #4

Literally right behind HMS Belfast from the direction that I was coming from was the Tower Combo: the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London as most would know them by. From HMS Belfast, the Tower of London is going to be on the opposite bank of the Thames, on your left right after you cross the Tower Bridge.

Looking down the Thames from the gangway of HMS Belfast.

On the way there you’ll pass by the modern City Hall. Interesting architecture, I must say.

And voila! The iconic masterpiece of London! To be honest, I’m not sure which one is the true icon: Tower Bridge or Big Ben.

One could see the “Walkie-Talkie” building from Tower Bridge. Rumor had it that sunlight focused by one of the building’s concave facades once melted a Jaguar parked in front of it.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition was covered by my London Pass. As per HMS Belfast, I have to scan my pass at the ticket counter and get another paper ticket. It makes a good souvenir anyway.

The tour takes you up one of the towers through a lift, and you’ll need to walk through one of the walkways to the other tower and take the lift down from there to the Engine Room exhibition. You could choose to walk through the other walkway as well, but eventually you’ll have to turn back for the lift down.

Sidenote: There’s a penny press near the walkway from where you enter from. You’ll pay a pound for the process, as well as the penny to pressed into the pattern of a random London landmark.

Coming down from the towers, I visited the Engine Rooms and the adjoining gift shop. It was much simpler than what I thought, to my disappointment.

By the time I got to the Tower of London, it was already past its closing time, so I only got to snap some pictures outside.

Silhouette against the setting sun.


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