Day 2: London (13 Mar) #2

Leadenhall Market made my list partly because of its intriguing architecture, and also because of its ties to the HP world.

On the walk to Leadenhall.

It isn’t too far of a walk there, and by 11am the morning rush hour was already over, it was quite pleasant.

Leadenhall Market was much, much smaller that what I imagined it to be. And parts of it were under renovation. Still, it is quite a magnificent building.

The next stop after Leadenhall was the Millenium Bridge. Again, it is on my list mainly due to its connection to the HP world.

Dominos here deliver by bicycles!

My path took me down to the Thames bankside.

The Millenium Bridge from a distance.
Remnants of bricks line the banks of the Thames. I wonder how old are some of these.

The Millenium Bridge was destroyed in a Death Eater attack on muggle London in the HP movies, I can’t remember which one off the top of my head.

St Paul Cathedral from a distance.

One end of the Millenium Bridge connects to the Tate Modern Art Museum while at the other end is the City of London School, leading to St Paul Cathedral. I didn’t visit any of those.

City of London School, must be quite the view from inside.
Chimney? At Tate Modern

Beside Tate Modern was the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. I skipped that as well.

The Shakespeare theater.

While passing by the Southwark Cathedral, an attendant came out to place an ad for a £10 meal deal. I thought, why not? You can’t get much in downtown London, bar fast food.

The outdoor ad that I mentioned.
What you get for £10

The main meal I chose was rice with broccoli and chilli beef or beef curry of some sort. Other choices would be rice with beef stroganoff or quiche. For the drinks they had local ale, Carlsberg or red/white wine.

The meal was nice, setting welcoming and the beer cold. What else could I ask for?

One little sidenote: I really couldn’t detect any spiciness in the “chilli” beef. I suppose days of eating mamak who put tons of cili padi in my food had left its mark on me.


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