Day 2: London (13 Mar) #1

First full day in London.

DLR station, this was at Greenwich yesterday night. 

I took the DLR headed for Bank, leaving at 8.45am in the midst of the morning rush hour, only to realize halfway that I did not have my London Pass with me. I had to turn around at Limehouse to go get it.

7.40am in the Isle of Dogs

First stop is scheduled to be 30 St Mary Axe, also known as the Gherkin, but I’ll like to call it the Cucumber. Heh.

One side of Bank was closed for works.

Took me quite a while to come out of the station. The “Way Out ->” signs took me round and round different levels and platforms. I must’ve gone up through 5 or 6 flights of stairs and escalators before seeing sunlight.

I came up in front of the Royal Exchange. Majestic building.

And a friendly pigeon. I noticed animals here aren’t as skittish as in Malaysia.

Solar powered trashcans?
Security seals on a lamp post access panel.

The Gherkin was quite a bit of a walk from Bank station if you didn’t take the bus. I had to pass by a skyscraper under construction.

There it is!
Golden… sausages?
Did they just use a cannon as a bollard?
Odd to find an old courtyard in the middle of all these glass and steel monstrosities.

Part of the motivation for coming here is that I often used the Gherkin as a centerpiece in Cities: Skylines. Now I get to see the real deal!

It really looks like a cucumber to me.

There were some inscriptions on the granite blocks around the building, but I didn’t really take a close look at those.

Next stop, Leadenhall!


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