Day 1: London -Food Highlight

One of the “very British” things that I decided to try right off the bat was fish & chips. Having scoured the Internet for the best place to go for the dish, I came across this place in Greenwich, very highly recommended by TripAdvisor and various other parties.

Since I was planning to go to Greenwich Park in the evening, I thought I would swing by the place later on. Anyway, while walking through the town, I stumbled upon quite a few interesting shops.

A rustic looking junk shop.

On a more important note, I managed to snag a local SIM for data, as I needed Google Maps in a lot of tight spots. The convenience store that I popped in didn’t carry the major brands such as Vodafone or O2, so I settled for Lycamobile as I’ve heard some less than stellar reviews for the other one, which would be Lebara.

The SIM comes empty: there’s no credit in it. And as per the shopkeeper’s advice, I popped £10 of credit into it for 1GB of data plus a whole lot of stuff that I don’t really need. But NO! The plan requires a minimum of £10 credit on the SIM to be activated, and since there’s a hidden new SIM charge, I had to add another £5 credit to make it past the £10 border and be able to activate the data plan.

Lycamobile advertises themselves as having “unbeatable UK plans” and “ultra-fast 4G data so you’re always connected”. I don’t really know to be honest. It might be a result of my meh phone, but I’m only getting H+ in most places. Still, it works.

Back to the food, the name of the aforementioned fine establishment shall be revealed! Ladies and gents, I give you…

The Golden Chippy

The Golden Chippy!

You can google up the name for the TripAdvisor reviews, and I daresay I concur with most of them.

Put it simply, it blew any fish and chips I had in the past straight out of the water. And that’s saying something as I’m sort of a fish and chips enthusiast.

My family ordered a large cod and a large haddock with chips, along with a bottle of local beer and a glass of hot chocolate. There was quite a wait for the food, but it was well worth it.

The Golden Chippy is a fairly small place, no more than a dozen tables. They do a lot of take-away business and as we arrived around 6pm, the crowd was really starting to build up. You could see that a lot of the customers are locals and regulars, and the friendly way the staff interacted with everyone adds to the nice atmosphere.

The fish was served fresh and hot, and it is still recognizable as a piece of fish unlike the crap you see in some Malaysian restaurants. Batter was light, as it should’ve been. Chips were a bit meh, but I’m here for the fish so I’ll give it a rest. It came with a side of salad as well. You have a selection of sauces and condiments to help yourself to. I’m not quite sure what this “traditional fish & chips shop taste” is supposed to be (vinegar with some oomph I think?) but other than those you have ketchup, mayo, black pepper and salt.

For less than £10 per pax dining in, I’ll say that it’s a good deal as I’ve seen places in London where the same stuff goes for £15 per serving.

I’ll give it a 4.8/5, only downside being the chips. Special mentions go to the fish and staff, and I really dig this whole “neighbourhood corner shop” feeling, beats all the huge commercialized chains every time. Highly recommended!


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