Day 1: London (12 Mar)

Upon exiting Heathrow Terminal 4 arrivals, I headed for the Heathrow Express platforms. To get to Paddington in central London, one has to take a free Heathrow Connect service between Terminal 4 and Terminal 2,3, then switch trains on the same platform for the Express going towards Paddington.

The trip was quick, about 15 minutes or so. The moment we got off the train, that’s the first time I got a full face blast of cool London air.

First munch in London: Bagels! One is with avocado, the others were tuna and beef.

First item of concern was the Oyster card. Took me quite a while walking around the station to realize that the Oyster cards were sold in the Underground station, not in the ticket machines around the main platform.

I picked up an Oyster card from the machine with a £5 deposit and £30 of credit in it was well.

My accommodations are located near Canary Wharf, so I took the Bakerloo line tube to Baker Street, then switched lines to the Jubilee line and got to Canary Wharf. Not too horribly difficulty, but I have to say, the tube’s acceleration had me going like wheeeeeeee. Both of the tube trains that I took had like, 20 years on them?

Le Canary Wharf
Le accommodations
Anti-climb paint?

From there it was just a matter of finding my accommodations. All public transport stops/stations have a map of their immediate vicinity posted in them. Very very helpful when you don’t have Google Maps to help you.

DLR station

Checked in, dropped bags and off I go again. My place was near to a Docklands Light Rail (DLR) station, part of the reason that I chose it in the first place. One thing about DLR stations is unlike the tube, there aren’t any ticket barriers. So you’ll have to touch your Oyster in at terminals around the station entrances.

I took the DLR down to Greenwich, my main target being the Greenwich Park and observatory. It involved a fair bit of walking between the station and my destination, but hey, I got to see the local life there.

National Maritime Museum, closed by the time I got there.

There’s a friendly squirrel at the bottom of the hill.

The park was immaculate, far better than any of the parks in Malaysia. It was evening by the time I got there, so the observatory itself was closed. Still, I got to stand on the Prime Meridian and see them meridian laser emitter, though I didn’t actually see the beam itself.


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