Second Leg (MH2) #5: Remainder of the flight

After supper, the lights were turned down as it was nearing 0200 MYT. Anyway, since we’re flying from east to west, we’re essentially running away from the sun: the 14 hour flight would be entirely shrouded in darkness.

Not quite sure what’s going on with cabin environmental controls, but there were frequent drops in humidity down to 20% while temperature held steady at 24C. Lowest observed humidity was 15%.

I myself watched Fantastic Beasts, then slept for quite a bit, waking intermittently. It was around 02:30 UTC/10:30 MYT when I decided that I wasn’t getting anymore sleep.

I went to the rear right side lavatory on the main deck, and it stank quite a bit, probably from someone having diarrhoea. And just after I came out, a stewardess went in with a bottle of disinfectant/air freshener spray. Sigh, just my luck.

Curiously, according the airshow, we turned slightly onto a more northern track at Dubai. I reckon MAS didn’t want to overly Mosul, Baghdad or Aleppo with all the fighting going down there.

Midnight snacks came in a tray containing a piece of fruitcake and a pack of party snacks. Good for the munchies. YC also went around offering water to the passengers who are awake every now ans then.

Breakfast was served 3 hours prior to landing with the cabin lights being turned on as well. Choices were nasi lemak or omelette. I went for the second option.

  • Wedges were same as the last meal, albeit a bit less soggy
  • Sausage was well cooked.
  • Sauce was… bland? I think that’s the best term to describe it.
  • Omlette was pretty tasteless, but still good enough to eat.
  • Croissant was way way way better than the last bun. Soft, fluffy and not too dry at all. And I dig the strawberry jam.
  • The yoghurt was nicely chilled and tasty.
  • Fruits were palatable.

The sun finally caught up with us near Eastern Europe. I managed to snap a few pics of the daybreak over Budapest, but cabin lighting pretty much ruined them.

After the breakfast service, the captain came over the PA to inform us regarding our descent from FL400 and the projected landing time of 05:55 on 27R

I might not have noticed, or mentioned this before but the flaps on the A380 are HUGE. It became evident during the final approach as the pilots extended them; it was like a second wing growing right out of the first.

What else is there to say? I deplaned, went through passport control and baggage reclaim.

Welcome to Heathrow.


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