Second Leg (MH2) #4: Supper!

Supper waa served at 40 minutes past departure. And as per usual, it is chicken or fish. It was YC who ended up asking every passenger in this section

There’s plenty of beverages to choose from, including white and red wine, Coke, Sprite, juices and beer as well.

Just before supper, I checked my thermometer/hydrometer. Humidity stands at 31%, temperate at 24.4C as observed over a 10 minute period. Altitude was 9753m, speed at 981 km/h and outside temperature at -35C.

I went for chicken, and this was what I got.

  • Potato wedges were all mushy, but palatable.
  • Chicken was all right, but nothing special. Sauce was meh.
  • The beans I dared not eat as the colour was completely unappealing.
  • Bun was a little too dry, but it came with cream cheese.
  • The salad? Not quite sure what that is, but it’s not to my taste.
  • The cake I was planning on saving it for later, but through a few bits of turbulence it ended up on the floor. I still managed to salvage some of it, it was quite nice.

The utensils provided were pretty sturdy to my surprise. They are not your average plastic utensils like those you find in the takeout or on AirAsia flights.


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