Second Leg (MH2) #3: Grounded?

All aboard!

Pushback commenced nearly 30 minutes behind schedule at 23:55 AND the towbar became stuck when the tug tried to detach it. Engineering staff had to be called to the scene and there was plenty of odd noises, jolts and flickering lights as they tried to resolve the issue. Another half an hour passed before the towbar came free and taxi/landing lights came.on at 00:27, already one hour behind schedule.

Taxiing was done at a reduced rate, I’m not sure this is something normally done with A380s or that I’m just too used to hotshot AirAsia pilots tearing down the taxiway.

We passed by two “sisters” in the docks: A Malaysia A380 at a remote stand and an Emirates one in a gate not unlike the one we just left. It was also raining all the way, starting from boarding.

Stopping at a 32R entryway with the guard lights on, the captain informed us at 00:39 that we’re delayed for another 5 minutes for separation between a prior departing KLM aircraft.

In between all of these taxiing, an infant in 75E was screaming her head off, while the male FA strapped into the opposite of 73J looked irritated, tired and bored at the same time.

At 00:43, the guard lights went off and we’re lined up on 32R by 00:44. Gear up at 00:45.

There’s lot of side-to-side turbulence on the climb while flying through clouds. Lightning was visible in the distance.


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