Second Leg (MH2) #2: A380- First Impressions

Malaysia Airlines A380s have a purple/dark red themed interior. The A388 is a twin-aisle aircraft and my seat 75K was on the right side of the aircraft close to the back, and directly behind the much recommended *EXTRA LEGROOM* 74K. Contrary to what you would expect on the world’s largest passenger jet, the aisles aren’t really that wide. However the seat and legroom was way much better than budget carriers.
First thing I immediately disliked was the safety video. The IFE display is perfectly capable, however the video itself looked something out of the 90’s, with white noise and what not. General cleanliness is fine, but there are some food debris or something of the sort stuck between the legs of my seat and the aircraft wall. The cabin crew didn’t quite look fresh faced. Quite a few looked sullen. However, one particular FA was still making an effort to smile and was welcoming despite having red, tired eyes. She’ll be mentioned as YC from here on.

At my seat was the standard MAS long haul pack: a pair of earphones which I didn’t use, a blanket and a pillow.

Back to the IFE.The controller in 75H wasn’t working. Touch screen sensitivity can be improved and where on Earth was the menu to view the tail and underbelly camera? I knew MAS had at least the tail camera available. The headphone jacks don’t work perfectly with headphones brought aboard, at least for my Sennheiser HD202. I had to find a “sweet spot” that’ll give a clear signal.

Seat was roomy, plenty of legroom and decent recline. (I’m 5’6″ and thin).

Be sure to check out my next post regarding the issues we had on the ground!


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