First Leg (AK6115): PEN-KUL

Just completed the first leg of my journey towards London. I travelled on AirAsia flight AK6115 from my hometown of Penang to Kuala Lumpur, the main aviation hub in Malaysia. Serving this route today was A320 9M-AJS. I commute pretty regularly on this particular route, so I pretty much knew it inside out.

One surprise today was that the aircraft took off from runway 22. Based on my previous experiences at PEN, both incoming and outgoing flights normally utilize runway 04. However, starting from my last commute between PEN-KUL, I noticed some of the flights using 22 at the time, though at that time my flight still used 04. So yeah, this is my first time taking off from 22 at PEN. Not quite sure what is the reason for the change, noise or wind perhaps?

On a sidenote, I saw a Chinook flying along the Penang Bridge during my journey to the airport. American or RSAF?

I’m seated in 20F on this flight, my favourite spot behind the wings. Seats are same old same AirAsia style, cramped and stiff but tolerable for such a short hop. The captain was pretty jovial and had excellent command of English in contrast to some of the mumbled in-flight announcements I’ve heard in thr past. Cruise altitude was FL270. The entire flight was pretty smooth, save for some slight turbulence and a bit of a swerve on touchdown. In all, I’m pretty happy with the flight itself.

As per my routine, after deplaning I headed for baggage collection, with a stop at a KLIA ekspres ticket kiosk. Turns out kiosk now require you to enter your pin once you’ve plugged in your debit/credit card. Odd, but understandable. From there, I went to Guardian to pick up some water and lipbalm before heading for the transit train to KLIA.

Now I’m sitting here, bored to tears as I wait for my flight onwards to London. It’s a very stark contrast between KLIA & KLIA2: the latter sounds and looks like a market or shopping mall while the former is much more quiet.

Until my next post, ciao!

ps. My phone froze while I was finishing this post, thank heavens WordPress saved my progress in advance. I’ll probably dedicate an entire post later to a rant about my Sony M5 and it’s shortcomings.


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